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Brian Lawrence


Bellingham, WA


A Few Testimonials...

“Brian is honest, hard working, and very knowledgeable about anything to do with a computer.  It was a pleasure having him in our home. He worked well with both my husband and me.” -- Dottie Blitch (Windows user)

“He is the most thorough teacher and explains things methodically and repeatedly and patiently until I ‘get it’.” -- Kitty Wilson (Windows user)

“Technology makes life rich and interesting, and it really isn't that difficult with somebody who understands it.” -- Don & Heather Griffith (Apple users)

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Tech Guide’s Mission

Technology has the potential to revolutionize our lives in positive ways. But, knowing how to utilize technology so that it actually increases our efficiency and functions well for us is often a challenge, as is keeping up with the ever-changing technological innovations looming over the horizon. Wouldn't it be nice to have support in navigating the technological realm? The mission of Tech Guide is to support and empower individuals and small businesses in these endeavors. While helping my customers keep their technology running smoothly and recommending appropriate technological solutions for their needs, I focus on helping individuals learn about those aspects of technology relevant to their lives. Ultimately, my customers can expect to gain confidence when making decisions about technology, increase their understanding of how to use technology most effectively, find new ways to utilize technology, and better enjoy technology when using it.