Tech Guide
I work with you, not just your technology

“Brian is a thorough professional who does more than solve computer problems. He takes time to explain the procedure and makes sure we understand what he has done. He has a wonderful personality and when appropriate he applies some humor. That was especially helpful for us since we sometimes tend to be a little uptight and apprehensive about computer operations. We were sorry to have him leave us for another area of the country but are pleased that he is sharing his considerable computer knowledge and abilities with others.” -- Joel Stowers (Windows user)

“Brian is extremely knowledgeable regarding current technological innovations. He constantly keeps himself up to speed with the ever-changing advances in technology. Not only does he consistently play with and quickly become proficient with new versions of software, he also enjoys experimenting with and discovering the potentialities of the newest technological gadgets (as I call them). He is particularly talented at streamlining various technologies and softwares in ways that save time for individuals. He is extremely efficient and astute at determining the needs of those individuals with whom he works. Furthermore, he has a wonderful personality and sense of humor that quickly allows others to become comfortable with him while enjoying the learning process. I can't think of anyone better suited for helping people who are tentative or inexperienced with technology learn how to utilize those aspects of the digital world most relevant for their purposes.” -- Molly (Apple user)

“Brian is honest, hard working, and very knowledgeable about anything to do with a computer. It was a pleasure having him in our home. He worked well with both my husband and me.” -- Dottie Blitch (Windows user)

“I have known Brian Lawrence for more than 3 years, and we still keep in touch. While we lived in the same area, he was always willing and able to help me in my "adventures" with technology. He recommended a good digital camera for my wife and me and showed us pointers on how to use it. He spent time with me when I got a new computer or upgraded my operating system and explained what I needed to do to make it most useful for my specific needs. He has broad and expert knowledge in his field.
My wife and I are "over the technology hill." It wasn't a part of our background when we were growing up nor when we went through school years ago. Having somebody competent and knowledgeable in the many areas of technological advancement--especially when so many brand new items are hitting the market at a rapid rate--Brian was just what we needed. Technology makes life rich and interesting, and it really isn't that difficult with somebody who understands it. Don't miss out on vistas currently unknown.” -- Don & Heather Griffith (Apple users)

“Brian has helped me for approximately 6 years now. I am so grateful for his help. He is the most thorough teacher and explains things methodically and repeatedly and patiently until I ‘get it’. He simplifies his explanations so they are on my level of understanding. You will feel very blessed if you get him to help you. He's fun, too: great sense of humor. There is no one to replace him.” -- Kitty Wilson (Windows user)